Shubam Lifts Pvt. Ltd.


Car Operating Panels (COP), Landing Operating Panels (LOP)
The COPs & LOPs comes with many designs & colour combinations which are in harmony with the car interiors. It includes Square/Round Push-Buttons with illuminat. LE. to provide you add. visual confirmation & a digital up/down arrow/LCD Display with Floor indication.

We provide SS Hairline/Designer, MS Powder coat., I mperforated, Collapsible and Swing doors.

A variety of control systems are available for lifts with single speed & high speed drives. Shubarn Lifts provide flexibility of operational controls to meet various building needs.

The machine consists of a worm and wheel reduction gear enclosed in a suitable substantial cast iron casing and working in oil bath. The electric motor is specially designed for the purpose to give ample starting torque and specially insulated to withstand tropical conditions.

Capacity Car Inside Lift Well Entrance
Persons Kg Width Depth Width Depth
5 320 775 900 1500 1500 700

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