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Car Lifts

Vertical bi-parting door in the landing combined with vertical slide car door.This type has several advantages.

The landing door is made with 2.5 mm Mild Steel for safety and durability. The car door is made of mesh-type steel to provide good ventilation. The doors have individual motors which also means more safety.

The vertical bi-parting door is a design innovation. It was found that doors with sills tend to malfunction. This happens when dirt runs off tyres and gets stuck in the sill of telescopic doors. The problem is eliminated here because vertical bi-parting doors do not need a sill.

Vertical bi-parting doors also require less liftwell space, so you make a saving where it really matters. Which is why world-wide this combination of doors is the primary choice.

Economic option
Four-panel centre opening telescopic doors for the car and landing. Made with 1.5mm Mild Steel. The doors have interlocked motors.
Both types of doors are automatic power operated. Infra-red door sensors are provided for safety.

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