Shubam Lifts Pvt. Ltd.


SHUBAM Escalators are designed for safety reliability, noiseless operation & high comfort. SHUBAM Escalator's technology is from the world leader in the industry. SHUBAM Escalator have all advance features required for human safety & comforts. It has phase monitor, step chain contacts, Handrail entry contacts, comb contact, Emergency stop button, Step reversing fences which regularly monitors the working of the escalator & deactivate the brakes immediate in case of any obstruction/ malfunctioning in the system.



SHUBAM escalator will be automatically switched on and off with the use of contact mats/ photocell sensors which are arranged at least 1300/ 1800 mm before the comb intersection line.

VF Energy Saving System

It is a frequency inverter system that saves up to 60% energy. The escalator will be made to run at low speed during no-load conditions and automatically return to normal speed the moment load is sensed. This is activated by photocell sensors at the entrance

Safety Brake on Main Shaft

Fixed on main shaft, it will be actuated in case drive-chain is broken or speed is over 120%.

Handrail Speed Monitor

There are two detectors integrated in the handrail support rollers at both left and right sides. When one or both handrails are broken or run under-speed, the system will be executed.

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